About Us

The North Carolina College Finder is designed to help high school students, their parents, and others obtain a fuller picture of college and university campuses in the state. Sponsored by the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, this website allows you to rate the colleges on the factors that matter to you.

We are confident that serious students want more information than colleges typically reveal on their websites and even their campus tours. Serious students and parents want to know if the general education courses offer traditional liberal-arts education or whether the choices are weak or trendy. Are diverse ideas expressed on campus, or is everyone expected to have a single mindset?  Is freedom of speech encouraged? What level of debt do students carry after graduation—and how does that compare with their starting salaries?

We encourage you to explore this website. If you have questions about it, email Jenna Ashley Robinson, the Pope Center’s outreach coordinator at [email protected].

And for college graduates visiting this site, be sure to look at our sister site, alumniguide.org.