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William Peace College is a small liberal arts university located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. It is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA) and is a member of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities.

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Public or Private: Private
Average High School GPA: 3.40
Average SAT Score (Out of 2400): 1335-1515
ACT Score: 17-22
6-Year Graduation Rate: 36%
Acceptance Rate: 53%
Student-Faculty Ratio: 12:1
Undergraduate Enrollment: 868
Women's College: No
Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian Church (USA)
Location: Urban
Academic Quality
General Education Rating: B
Shakespeare: No
Academic Transparency: Somewhat Transparent
Financial Matters
In State Tuition: $26,011.00
Out of State Tuition: $26,011.00
Average Starting Salary of Graduates: N/A
Average Student Debt of Graduates: N/A
Good Economic Value?: Poor
Percentage of Funding Provided by Taxpayers: 5.00%
Percentage of Alumni who Give: 11.00%
FIRE's Free Speech Rating: Red
Alternative Newspaper: No
Student Political Involvement: Non-Political
Faculty Political Balance: Very Unbalanced: Democratic
Board of Trustees Political Balance: Balanced
Pope Center for Higher Education Policy Articles

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